TELEQUADRI S.r.l. - Via Fiume 11/13 - 20021 BARANZATE - ITALY     TEL.: +39 023561870     FAX: +39 023561929     E-MAIL:
Our company , taking advantage of many years of experience in the field , since 1976 produces electrical equipment for cranes, overhead cranes , Transtainer , for lifting and transport .

The headquarters are in the outskirts of Milan and covers an area of 2200 square meters . of which 1,100 seats ( 800 sqm. shed reserved to production and 300 sq. meters of offices ) .

The high technical expertise , quality and reliability of electrical equipment manufactured , the flexibility of the structure and specialization of personnel assigned to commissioning are our strong point .

The various technologies used and the " KnowHow " accumulated over the years of activity allow us to be placed among the most qualified companies in the sector .

Our company is divided into four areas connected with each other :

: The area trades them must manage in integrated way all the aspects: the definition of the offer, the elaboration of the estimates, the acquisition of contracts, the management of the orders with relative approval and confirmation, the escape of the goods or the service in order to end with invoicing and commissions counting

-TECHNICAL OFFICE - RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT :Our technical office is able to execute full design of the systems, from preliminary calculation to effective achievement of functional diagrams, programming PLC, scaling systems, technical specifications, list and descriptions of workings, etc.. During design phases, international IEC - CEI rules are observed.
Our technical know-how gained through our many achievements ensures the best choice in parts made by the leading manufacturing companies and use of our owndevices.
Our technical office is equipped of an area of research & development apt to introduce new automatism in our realizations.
Thus we are ready to satisfy the demands for the customers.

- ASSEMBLY - WIRING - ASSISTANCE :The electrical equipment for control and protection of hoisting and shipping systems must generally be suitable for heavy duty.
We realize our equipment in special switchboard in elevated strength welded metal sheets or in special containers designed for the service; the interior panels are situated on section bars to ensure a grater strength contrary to traditional constructions and special precautions are taken to ensure the best reliability and duration over time.
All the electric equipment are made and directly assembled, wired up and pre-tested in our workshop; the wiring is performed properly sizing the cables with all the accessible connections before. The construction type, but especially the testing and commissioning on site   guarantees the best performance and the maximum operating of the plant.

-ELECTRONIC LABORATORY :Our company is equipped of a laboratory of electronics in which they come realized and repaired the electronic cards of our switchboards.
Moreover radio remote control are tested and repaired.